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The South Dakota Native Tourism Alliance is intended as a “coalition of the willing” with participation open to all—native organizations, native entrepreneurs and community leaders, tourism businesses, industry associations, destination marketing organizations, nonprofits, academic institutions and state and federal agencies.

We welcome you to become an active participant of the Alliance (free). Please review the membership criteria, responsibilities and benefits and then contact us at [email protected]

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  • Participation Criteria

    An organization or individual interested in participating in the Alliance should meet the following criteria:

    • Interest in supporting and promoting the vision, guiding principles and goals of the Alliance as outlined in its five-year native tourism development and management plan
    • A commitment to ongoing inter-organizational dialogue and collaboration that support Alliance goals and initiatives
    • Involvement in or general support of action teams established to help support implementation of Alliance initiatives
  • Network Engagement

    Participants of the Alliance are responsible for:

    • Supporting the vision, guiding principles and goals of the Alliance
    • Participating in regularly scheduled Alliance meetings and events
    • Sharing connections, tools, reports and other resources that support Alliance initiatives
    • Collaborating with other organizations involved in the network through action teams and other activities
    • Acting in a collaborative and transparent manner with other Alliance participants
  • Membership Benefits
    • Participate in Alliance webinars and capacity-building sessions
    • Network and connect with other organizations working on native tourism in South Dakota
    • Take leadership on priority native tourism initiatives
    • Amplify your voice by joining others to help support native tourism in Tribal Nations in South Dakota

Volunteer Your Time

We have volunteer opportunities for community members who are interested in donating their time to work on Alliance initiatives. Volunteers may provide a variety of services based on their competence in certain areas, their professional and personal experience, and their educational background. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in volunteer and internship opportunities.

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Promote Native Tourism

Tour operators, travel companies and destination marketing organizations interested in learning more about native tourism offerings in South Dakota, contact the South Dakota Department of Tourism here.

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